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Sl. No. Publication List

1. GASTRO INTENSTINAL ENDOSCOPYFebruary 2015 Volume 81, Issue 2, Pages 351–359
Single or multiport percutaneous endoscopic necrosectomy performed with the patient under conscious sedation is a safe and effective treatment for infected pancreatic necrosis (with video)
Rajan Dhingra, MD, DM,Saurabh Srivastava, MD, DM Sanatan Behra, MD, DM,Padmaprakash ,Shalimar, MD, DM ,Shivanand Ramachandra Gamanagatti, MD ,Pramod Kumar Garg, MD, DM

2. Original article ELSEVIER PANCREATOLOGY 16(2016) 194-199,
Reduction in mortality in severe acute pancreatitis: A time trend analysis over 16 years , Samagra Agarwal, John George, Rajesh Kumar Padhan, Padmaprakash K. Vadiraja,
Sanatan Behera, Ajmal Hasan, Rajan Dhingra, Shalimar, Pramod Kumar Garg*
Department of Gastroenterology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

3. GASTROENTEROLOGY April 2015 Volume 148, Issue 4, Supplement 1, Page S-114
591c Primary Organ Failure and Secondary Organ Failure Due to Infected Pancreatic Necrosis Contribute Independently to Mortality in Acute Pancreatitis and Should Be Distinguished
Pramod K. Garg, Rajesh K. Padhan,Sanatan Behra, Sushil K. Jain, Rajan Dhingra,,Samagra Agarwal

4.  Case report, Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging, Vol. 13, No. 2, April-June, 2003, pp. 203-205, CNS,Imaging of rupture cardiac hydatid cyst located on the interventricular septum with pulmonary embolism, a case report,Sanatan Behera, M Mohapatra, SC Pattnaik, MR Pattnaik, PK Sahoo, S Sahoo
5.  case report, Paget’s Disease of Bone in a 85 Year Old Woman, © JAPI • september 2009 • VOL. 57, 653-657
Paget’s Disease of Bone in a 85 Year Old Woman SK Mahapatra* , R Mohanty**, K Sen**, Sanatan Behera**, SC Singh**, M Chaudhuri***,

6.  DDW 2013 Poster Presentation (Sa1375)

Session Title: Clinical Acute Pancreatitis
Session Date: May 18, 2013, Poster ID: Sa1375
Presentation Title: Extent and infection of pancreatic necrosis determine the outcome of acute fluid collections in acute pancreatitis: Results of a prospective validation study of revised Atlanta classification Contact Author: Prof. Pramod Garg , Dr sanatan behera.

Title: Single or Multiport Percutaneous Endoscopic Necrosectomy under Conscious Sedation is a Safe and Effective Treatment for Infected Pancreatic Necrosis ,Contact Author: Prof. Pramod Garg ,Dr sanatan Behera DEPTT OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AIIMS,NDELHI INDIA,dr.sanatan@yahoo.com

8. January 2016 • VOL. 64,JAPI Comparative study of percutaneous catheter drainage (PCD) & percutaneous needle aspiration (PCNA) in liver abscess,Sanatan Behera, U C Patra, S K Jena, R P Sahoo Shri Ramachandra Bhanj Medical College, Cuttack

Prevalence, clinical profile and feto maternal outcome of hepatitis B in pregnency-A observational study from single tertiary care hospital Sanatan Behera/Sagar Mohapatra, U C Patra dr Sanata behera, S K Jena, Heribhakti S Das, Rabinarayan Satapathy DR SANATAN BEHERA ASST PROF HEPATOLOGY SCB MCH CTC


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