Patron’s Message

Patron’s Message


Now with the establishment of the alumni association today we are also launching its official website which will provide all the prodigies of this college a digital window or platform to access their Alma matter by Mere click of a button and feel close to home again.

I am pretty sure this association will not only strengthen the old bonds but also create new bonds thereby enriching all the students of this College – past, present and future by generous contributions academically, socially and philanthropically.
This is a great moment of joy for me as I myself am an alumnus of this college.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to our honorable chief minister for launching this momentous occasion and to one and all who have made this possible. thank you. thank you so much.

SCB Medical College and Hospital stands tall as a paradigm of health education and services rubbing shoulders with the best institutions of the country. It is my immense pleasure and proud privilege to announce the fulfillment of a long-standing dream a cherished endeavour of each and every alumnus of this college. A dream that has shaped into reality after 76 long years of perseverance – the establishment of the decorated alumni association of our college in the August presence of our very beloved honorable chief minister of the state Srijukta Naveen patnaik.

SCB Medical College and Hospital and institution established during the pre independent era has recently completed its platinum jubilee in the servitude of the state and the nation. In all this time this proud institution has produced prodigies and intellectuals beyond comparison who are now scattered across the globe serving humankind and receiving numerous accolades for their services.

Best Wishes

Prof (Dr.) Datteswar Hota.
Dean & Principal, SCB Medical College, Cuttack