To engage our alumni in achieving academic excellence as well as foster welfare and progress of their alma mater.


The mission of the SCB Medical College Alumni Association is to preserve and promote fellowship among present and future alumni as well as support and strengthen the institute’s mission for the benefit of its current students.


  • Open a communication channel between alumni and the institution to deliver news and information and easy access for lifelong alumni connectivity.
  • To encourage, foster and promote close relations among themselves.
  • Collaborate in academic initiatives
  • Be the brand ambassadors of the institution.
  • Endowment support


The goals of SCB Medical College Alumni Association are:

  • To develop a comprehensive database of all alumni.
  • To develop a website with an online newsletter regarding significant events in the lives of alumni and the present SCB Medical College community.
  • To assist with the planning and organization of reunions.
  • To develop, coordinate and maintain the SCB Medical College Cuttack Hall of fame.