Association Name

The name of this organization is S.C.B. Medical College Alumni Association ( SCBians)

  • Open a communication channel between alumni and the institution to deliver news and information and easy access for lifelong alumni connectivity.
  • To encourage, foster and promote close relations among themselves.
  • Collaborate in academic initiatives
  • Be the brand ambassadors of the institution.
  • Endowment support
  • The goals of SCB Medical College Alumni Association are:
  • To develop a comprehensive database of all alumni.
  • To develop a website with an online newsletter regarding significant events in the lives of alumni and the present SCB Medical College community.
  • To assist with the planning and organization of reunions.
  • To develop, coordinate and maintain the SCB Medical College Cuttack Hall of fame.

The Association shall maintain an office in the campus of the Institute.

Activities of the Association
  • The Association may undertake any and all activities consistent with the vision and objectives of the association including:
  • Conduct of Reunions, meetings, workshops, conferences, social & cultural gatherings, educational activities, fund raising programs, awards and publications.
  • Association may receive fees or contributions for any of these activities and also accept donations from members and other benevolent individuals/organisations.
  • The association shall purely utilise funds for activities mentioned above.
  • The association shall periodically organize Programs for Promoting Health awareness and rendering health care services to the public.
Funds of the Association
  • The funds of the Association shall be of three kinds:
  • Maintenance Fund for the running expenses of the Association.
  • Special Funds for specific designated purposes, as approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Endowment Funds, set up with the approval of the General Body, for generating income for general or designated activities of the Association.
  • All funds of the Association shall be held as “Special Funds” of the Alumni Association and overseen by the Treasurer of the Association, except the following:
  • A bank account may be operated by the Secretary (with the Treasurer as co-signatory on a “Either or Survivor” basis) specifically for the conduct of Alumni Reunions.
General Body [GB] Meetings of Association
  • The GB of the members of the Association shall meet annually during the Annual Alumni Reunion to receive reports from the Secretary, Treasurer and Editor, to approve annual audited statement of accounts for the various funds of the Association, to elect the Officers and to consider and decide on all activities of the Association.
  • The GB may meet at other times as decided by the EC, with a notice of not less than three days to all the alumni on the staff of the College and to such other alumni as are easily accessible.
  • While the GB Meetings are the final decision making body of the Association, the Secretary shall make every effort to elicit the views of the far flung alumni as far as possible and to convey the same to the GB or the EC as the case may be.
  • The GB Meetings can be conducted with a minimum of 50 members for AGM and 30 members for other meetings. If there is no Quorum at the start of the meeting, meeting time will be extended once for 30 minutes. If still there is no quorum, GBM will be cancelled.
The Executive Committee

Shall consist of all the Officers of the Association and not more than five extra-mural alumni co-opted annually by them. It shall meet as often as needed, but at least twice between the AGMs. In between GB Meetings, the EC shall have the power to do all that the GB can do. But any policy decisions taken by the EC in this way shall be presented to the subsequent GB meeting for approval or other action.

Representation at the College Council

The Secretary, shall represent the Association at the meetings of the S.C.B. Medical College Council on invitation.


Amendments may be made to this constitution, except in regard to the objective, by decision of not less than two thirds of the members present at an AGM after the following procedure. The proposed amendments(s) shall be communicated by the Secretary, when authorised to do so by the EC, to all the members of the Association on its mailing list, not less than 30 days before the AGM. Only if the proposal is approved by not less than two thirds of the replies received up to five days before the AGM, shall it be considered by the AGM.


In case of dissolution of the Association, its assets shall be taken over by the College and applied for purposes consistent with the objective of the Association.